Saturday, January 29, 2005

Discussion Dictator

This semester I am taking three political courses. So I get to do alot of writting and voicing my opinon. For my Intro to International Relations class we started to do an online discussion board about an article that was post on the LA Times. The article pretty much was discussing the revival of neoconservatism. This is a theory in which a countries foreign policy should primarily consist of spreading democracy around the world. Its pretty obvious by now with the war in Iraq that the Bush administration has already partake in this. But his Inaugural speech pretty much reaffirmed things. So in these discussion boards for my class people have been trading their opinions with one another. But I noticed that one person speculated that Bush will not take the US into another war in his next term. I disagreed and told him the following.

Subject: Bush is trying on his flight suit, again

On Wednesday, a monumental press coference occured that just reaffirmed the Bush agenda for the next 4 years. I'll have to disagree with Mr. Cullen's post with his doubts that Bush will not bring the US into another war. On the bloodist day in Iraq since the invasion in 2003, Bush stated this "I firmly planted the flag of liberty for all to see that the United States of America hears their concerns and believes in their aspirations. And I am excited by the challenge and am honored to be able to lead our nation in the quest of this noble goal, which is freeing people in the name of peace." This sound bite alone supports the notion that Bush is a neo-conservative that is operating under the rule of the ends justify the means. On the bloodiest day for the US in Iraq, Bush vaugely mentioned the tragic losses that occured in his remarks, not even words of condonlences or remourse for the families that have suffered lost of life in Iraq. This pretty much tells the American people that Bush is the ends justify the means leader, it doesn't matter to him how much life is lost or how bad of shape the economy is in for as long as his persuit for democracy around the world is completed and that the "Bush legacy" is noted in history books. We are already hearing the reports about special forces groups inside Iran gaining intelengence, and Iran is at the top of every Bush administration offical's list of trouble spots around the world. All I have to say is that the US is going to war again in another country. It's just a matter of time for Bush to jump in his flight suit again and declare "Mission Accomplish" and a good ole "YEE-HAW" on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln. Only this time around his speech will be broadcasted in Farsi, so the Iranians can get an explaination as to why Tehran is a pile of rubble.

Then the guy I was disagreeing with responded with this.

I stand corrected, sir. Good post.

Cheers, Sean

So now people haven't been disagreeing much with me. I feel like I'm the dictator of the discussion board, thats not a cool feeling. Oh well, maybe next time someone will tell me off.

Bubble Hockey

Bubble hockey machine! Posted by Hello

One of the coolest games ever. If you disagree, you're not cool.


me bowling Posted by Hello

This was the highlight of my past week. I didn't steal the shoes this time though. I thought at about it but it was just too risky, maybe next time though. The ones I have now need to be replaced. There are cracks in the leather and a hole at the bottom of the right shoe, can't use them when its wet or snowy out because my socks get wet. The pair I have now I stole from an ally in St. Paul in August. They are a nice pair though, red, blue and grey, go well with jeans. One may wonder how I stole bowling shoes. Well its an easy process. You wear your regular shows out of the ally and you stick the bowling shoes up your pant legs so that the heal of the bowling shoe is resting on the top of your foot. Then you just waddle out of the ally. Also you get a friend of yours who is about 5' 5'' to do a cart wheel in front of the desk as a distraction. Then congratulations to you, you're a proud owner of a great conversation piece. Just be careful not to wear them to another bowling ally. There have been times where I wanted to go bowling and couldn't go because I have bowling shoes on that say "RENTAL" on the side of them. It just looks bad.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Inauguration- J20

Chenny snowballed Posted by Hello
I was suprised that more snowballs weren't thrown.

Well last Thursday I spent the day watching the Inauguration, even though I strongly disagree and with the person who was being sworn in I still felt that it would be an interesting thing to watch. I was waiting for Dubya to screw up on his speech or for someone to go streaking in the middle of the parade, but none of the likes happened. First of all, I thought the partying and specticle was too much. We have troops overseas who don't have the proper equipment and who are driving around in virtual Purple Heart boxes while in DC Dubya can show off his white man dancing moves at one of the TEN Inaugural balls. That's just too much. The speech Dubya gave pretty much frightened most of the world. Sounded like something straight out of the Cold War era, the Us vs. Them mentality, we need to go after the "Evil Empire" and spread democracy. This is not the foriegn policy that the US needs right now, espesically with the US involved in two wars, both of them getting drastically worse by each day. The protests on that day were interesting and fun to watch, but I was disappointed that more protesters were not allowed in the parade route area. I guess people are afraid to see the full extent of what true democracy is all about. That's what I got from the first day of Bush's second term. It's going to be a long four years and let's just hope that the shit doesn't hit the fan too hard.

It doesn't taste like chicken

Winona's urban assult vehicle to catch jay walkers. Posted by Hello

So they tried making Tator Tot Hot Dish last Sunday night here at WSU. But it was by far the most disgusting things I have ever ate. For months I have been advocating for the tasty meal to be placed on the menu as an alternative to other nasty things our fine food service offers. I requested it on Food Service clipboards passed around at Hall meetings. I even went to great lengths to lobby members of the Food Service commitee to putting Tator Tot Hot Dish on the menu. Then finally alas, my months of work of bickering and blackmailing paid off, Tator Tot Hot Dish was on the menu! So that night I made a direct path straight to the hot dish. But my excitement vanished as soon as I saw the pile of crap they labeled Tator Tot Hot Dish. First of all, there wasn't any Tator Tots. They had under cooked hash browns on top of the hot dish. HASH BROWNS! Then I examined the meat and it was the left over taco meet from Saturday's brunch! Our taco meat comes from Taco Bell, which by far some of the worst meat that I have ever tasted. Let's just say that this meat never agrees with the inside Jared, if you catch my drift. In order to hide this disgusting meat they loaded it with peas. So by far the worse thing I have ever ate here at WSU, so when you visit the "caf" here avoid the Tator Tot Hot Dish in order to maintain a "healthy balance."

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lucky Semester

Why I'm having a lucky semester Posted by Hello

I have a new room mate this semester and his name is Bishwas, he comes from the country Nepal. Don't know where it is? Find an atlas and look it up. Here I'll give you a hint, its in the continent that rhymes with FASIA. Anyways he brought this banner thing and its the 8 lucky signs of budheism and I think its the coolest thing ever. We hung it over my Kramer poster one night and I've been feeling lucky about classes ever since.

But it wasn't so lucky last weekend when I was tricked into drinking urine. It wasn't a fun moment in my life but I feel I should retell my horror story in order to prevent others from falling into the same trap. So I was sitting in my room late Saturday night when I recieved an IM from a friend of mine who happens to be heavily intoxicated. I used to know this kid while I was in the Boy Scouts back in the day and just happen to meet him again here in Winona. So anyways, when this particular person gets drunk he becomes very hilarious and completely out of it. He IMs me and then a minute later shows up in my room, and he was holding a can of mountain dew. Then he informs me that there is vodka in the can with the moutain dew, but he can't really taste it so I should try it and see if I could taste the vodka. So being a good friend I try the contents of the can. I took a decent sip and then I noticed that there wasn't any sign of vodka in it, just very flat and watery moutain dew. The kid leaves my room and gets his sober friends to come into my room. Once everyone was in my room he announced that I tried the mountain dew and couldn't taste any vodka. After that I noticed that people started looking worried, thats when it hit me. I didn't drink mountain dew with vodka. The sober group sent the drunk one out of the room for a minute and then broke the bad news to me. "Dude, we're so sorry. You just had mountain dew with piss in it!" When I heard that I become somewhat irritated, mostly stunned in disbelief by my real life Fear Factor moment. But I had it coming to me, thats what I get for trusting a drunk kid with an open can. So moral of the story: Never drink anything that comes from an open can of "mountain dew", espeically when its coming from a drunk kid.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The First One

Check this out! I have a blog now. I can now say anything that pops into my head. SCRUMTRULESCENT. Why did I say scrumtrulescent? Because it just poped into my head, see how this works? Oh and soft drinks are called pop, none of this "soda" crap. Being in Minnesota its pop so deal with it. So take your "blubblers", "soda", "caserole" crazy talk and just don't use it. They are called drinking fountains, pop, and hot dishes, get with it. Maybe I should talk about who I am and where I am from. I am a freshman in college attending Winona State University, I am from St. Paul, MN. I like a nice pair of slacks too. I am a Public Relations major and currently persuing a minor in Political Science, but my advisor for PoliSci thinks I should double major and go for Public Administration, still unsure on that but it sounds appealing to me. I am a Democrat and have been a proud one for as long as I can remember, you'll hear me ranting about illogical screw ups this current administration has inflicted upon our great nation. But I'm sure you'll learn more about me and what I stand for as we go along here. I think I'll wrap this one up for today.

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