Saturday, January 29, 2005

Discussion Dictator

This semester I am taking three political courses. So I get to do alot of writting and voicing my opinon. For my Intro to International Relations class we started to do an online discussion board about an article that was post on the LA Times. The article pretty much was discussing the revival of neoconservatism. This is a theory in which a countries foreign policy should primarily consist of spreading democracy around the world. Its pretty obvious by now with the war in Iraq that the Bush administration has already partake in this. But his Inaugural speech pretty much reaffirmed things. So in these discussion boards for my class people have been trading their opinions with one another. But I noticed that one person speculated that Bush will not take the US into another war in his next term. I disagreed and told him the following.

Subject: Bush is trying on his flight suit, again

On Wednesday, a monumental press coference occured that just reaffirmed the Bush agenda for the next 4 years. I'll have to disagree with Mr. Cullen's post with his doubts that Bush will not bring the US into another war. On the bloodist day in Iraq since the invasion in 2003, Bush stated this "I firmly planted the flag of liberty for all to see that the United States of America hears their concerns and believes in their aspirations. And I am excited by the challenge and am honored to be able to lead our nation in the quest of this noble goal, which is freeing people in the name of peace." This sound bite alone supports the notion that Bush is a neo-conservative that is operating under the rule of the ends justify the means. On the bloodiest day for the US in Iraq, Bush vaugely mentioned the tragic losses that occured in his remarks, not even words of condonlences or remourse for the families that have suffered lost of life in Iraq. This pretty much tells the American people that Bush is the ends justify the means leader, it doesn't matter to him how much life is lost or how bad of shape the economy is in for as long as his persuit for democracy around the world is completed and that the "Bush legacy" is noted in history books. We are already hearing the reports about special forces groups inside Iran gaining intelengence, and Iran is at the top of every Bush administration offical's list of trouble spots around the world. All I have to say is that the US is going to war again in another country. It's just a matter of time for Bush to jump in his flight suit again and declare "Mission Accomplish" and a good ole "YEE-HAW" on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln. Only this time around his speech will be broadcasted in Farsi, so the Iranians can get an explaination as to why Tehran is a pile of rubble.

Then the guy I was disagreeing with responded with this.

I stand corrected, sir. Good post.

Cheers, Sean

So now people haven't been disagreeing much with me. I feel like I'm the dictator of the discussion board, thats not a cool feeling. Oh well, maybe next time someone will tell me off.


At 1:32 PM, Blogger JButcherC said...

Neoconservatives give conservatives like me a bad name. Simply put- they have forgotten what brought them into office as a "conservatives"- smaller government. I don't think neoconservatives know what that means.


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