Monday, March 07, 2005

Tran vs. VFW

What started as an extra credit assignment for my dear friend Tony Tran for a class at NDSU turned into a Fargo veteran group battling him on the opinion pages of The Fargo Forum.

Tran had to write his opinion and reaction to the recent efforts of the local VFW attempting to repeal the local smoking ban in order to generate more business to the VFW. Going into this all Tran wanted was to get extra credit, he actually didn't even know anything about the VFW. Tran's opinion for extra credit ended up being published in the local major newspaper, The Fargo Forum. A few days later, Mr. Tran saw a published rebuttal in the same newspaper that took Tran's letter only this was from a local VFW member. Lucky for Tran this VFW member appears to be a very staunch conservative, and now Tran walks the streets of Fargo with fear that at any moment a senior citizen could attack him.

Click here to read the letters and witness the worse case scenario that could happen from an extra credit assignment.


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