Friday, March 11, 2005

United States to Annex Baja From Mexico

New map of the United States with the recently annexed Baja. Two new states West Florida & Bushigan were added to the union.Posted by Hello

CRAWFORD, Texas (SFP & FM)--In a surprising international development, the United States and Mexico reached an agreement for the United States to annex the Baja California territories from Mexico. As a result of this annexation, two new states were added to the United States; West Florida and Bushigan, which is named after the former US President George H.W. Bush. Helping to bring the deal into a reality, Chairman of the political committee People for a More Symmetrical America (PFAMSA) Patrick Dunlay brought the two world leaders to the table to negotiate this new deal. Dunlay is now a presidential appointed commissioner of the Baja Annexation Commission designed to over see the new addition to the US.

"It gives me great honor today, to use our already great relationship with our Spanish speaking neighbors of the south to help make the United States a more symmetrical country, geographically. I'd like to personally thank Commissioner Dunlay for helping President Fox and I come to terms and annex Baja." President Bush remarked at the news conference held at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

President Fox of Mexico with Commissioner Dunlay and President BushPosted by Hello

PFAMSA was created three years ago as a lobbying group for a symmetrical America.

"I mean look at the US map, it just makes sense to annex Baja and make the country symmetrical." said Commissioner Dunlay.

Dunlay's previous diplomatic experience came from his experience in student government at Tartan High School (Oakdale, MN); which was valid enough for President Bush to appoint him as Head Commissioner of a government commission. The new land acquisition creates a shake up in the current Congressional system as well as modification to the current Electoral College system. Special elections will be held in next three months to elect representatives to Congress as well as new governors. West Florida and Bushigan are now the hot travel spots for the United States, which has witnessed an exodus of travelers in the past 24 hours.


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