Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lucky Semester

Why I'm having a lucky semester Posted by Hello

I have a new room mate this semester and his name is Bishwas, he comes from the country Nepal. Don't know where it is? Find an atlas and look it up. Here I'll give you a hint, its in the continent that rhymes with FASIA. Anyways he brought this banner thing and its the 8 lucky signs of budheism and I think its the coolest thing ever. We hung it over my Kramer poster one night and I've been feeling lucky about classes ever since.

But it wasn't so lucky last weekend when I was tricked into drinking urine. It wasn't a fun moment in my life but I feel I should retell my horror story in order to prevent others from falling into the same trap. So I was sitting in my room late Saturday night when I recieved an IM from a friend of mine who happens to be heavily intoxicated. I used to know this kid while I was in the Boy Scouts back in the day and just happen to meet him again here in Winona. So anyways, when this particular person gets drunk he becomes very hilarious and completely out of it. He IMs me and then a minute later shows up in my room, and he was holding a can of mountain dew. Then he informs me that there is vodka in the can with the moutain dew, but he can't really taste it so I should try it and see if I could taste the vodka. So being a good friend I try the contents of the can. I took a decent sip and then I noticed that there wasn't any sign of vodka in it, just very flat and watery moutain dew. The kid leaves my room and gets his sober friends to come into my room. Once everyone was in my room he announced that I tried the mountain dew and couldn't taste any vodka. After that I noticed that people started looking worried, thats when it hit me. I didn't drink mountain dew with vodka. The sober group sent the drunk one out of the room for a minute and then broke the bad news to me. "Dude, we're so sorry. You just had mountain dew with piss in it!" When I heard that I become somewhat irritated, mostly stunned in disbelief by my real life Fear Factor moment. But I had it coming to me, thats what I get for trusting a drunk kid with an open can. So moral of the story: Never drink anything that comes from an open can of "mountain dew", espeically when its coming from a drunk kid.


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