Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Electionpalooza continued....

The only candidate this blog will endorse this heated Election year is Jared Stene. That's right! I have decided to launch a last minute campaign for Winona County Auditor!

I feel the current auditor can do a better job in facilitating and promoting the Election and registration process to all of Winona County. We've been mostly running a word of mouth campaign via email, AIM, facebook, etc.

When you write in candidates for any race, make sure you fill in the oval next to the write in name. You see, I am already informing you about the voting process! Have you seen my opponent informing you on the election process? NO.

So write-in Jared Stene for Winona County Auditor, the Auditor part of the ballot is on the front page, lower right hand corner. Thank you for your support!


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