Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sex Scandal Rocks Sesame Street

Beloved children's star Ernie engaging in activity with an unidentified co-worker. Posted by Hello

SEASAME STREET, USA (SFP & FM)—An anonymous source today leaked photographic evidence to several news outlets revealing beloved children’s star Ernie engaging in sexual activity with an other Sesame Street character. The source was also able to issue a press release with the photos:

“I count ONE, ONE sex scandal AH! AH! AH!” the anonymous source stated. “TWO, TWO puppet’s careers will be jeopardized AH! AH! AH!”

Photos show a chicken suited Ernie in a sexual pose behind an another anonymous character, some other sources close to the Sesame Street circles speculate that the second party may be a honker. The reasons behind the anonymity of the second party are still unknown but the original recipient of the photos and press release told other media members that the photos were received in that fashion. The photos do however clue to the time frame this activity took place. Ernie’s chicken suit attire is only assumed to be from his week long promotional appearances for the Chattanooga, TN Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, which according the restaurant took place during the week of March 14, 2005.

Ernie declined a request for an interview, but select co-workers expressed shock and disbelief with Ernie’s actions.

“This is a really horrifying thing Ernie has done” said co-worker Big Bird. “Not does this embarrass Ernie and his partner but really brings down the entire street.”

Big Bird later went on to express profound anger towards the anonymous source that leaked this information to the main stream media. He also implied that physical force might be deployed in order to track down this source. PBS, the television show’s broadcaster, has issued a statement announcing that an independent investigation will be launched to further probe the manor and to punish any violators of company policy. Sesame Street has been a children’s television juggernaut since its debut in 1969.

This scandal is brought to you by the letter P and number 7.


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you are a sick sick fuck do you know that???? now ernie's career will be ruined! i hear him crying at night! i hope you're happy, sir


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