Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Lake City Address

On October 25, 2005 the following speech was given to Mr. Luke LeFebvre's Communication Studies 191: Introduction to Public Speaking 9:30 am class. For his persuasive speech, Mr. Jared Stene of Woodbury, MN addressed his class of approximately 20 students about the need for a 24 hour water skiing plan in Lake City, MN. The speech was held in Stark Hall Room B6 at Winona State University and ran 6 minutes and 56 seconds, just four seconds short of the 7 minute time limit.

The Lake City Address

H.L. Mencken once said that "Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under."

Today I will discuss something that is taking place just north of Winona that will make you ashamed of local government and a proposal that will improve life for all.

The City of Lake City, MN needs a 24 hour water skiing program in order to validate their claim as the "birthplace of water skiing." A 24 hour water skiing plan will not only validate the city's claim but also serve as a tourist attraction that will provide the city with increased tourism, a healthier population and it will strengthen Lake City's cultural identity. Before we discuss the plan let's talk about the history of Lake City and where it is today.

In 1922 Ralph Samuelson invented water skiing on Lake Pepin in Lake City, MN. It is because of this Lake City claims to be the "birthplace of water skiing."

This photograph taken in Downtown Lake City serves as proof to the city's claim.

As does this photograph.

The problem is that often times one can not find water skiers on Lake Pepin. As you can see by this photograph, there are no water skiers to be found. None.

Here's another angle of Lake Pepin, still there are no water skiers in view.

As a concerned citizen of Minnesota I decided to submit the following proposal to the government of Lake City that calls for 24 hour water skiing on Lake Pepin.

Being that there is 8,760 hours in a year and the population of Lake City according to the 2000 U.S. Census is 4,950 people; it would be required that each citizen 16 years of age and older would have to water ski a minimum of two hours a year in order to maintain a 24 hour presence on Lake Pepin.

Citizens unable to water ski due to physical disabilities or old age will not be required to water ski and instead will be replaced by volunteers who are under 16 years of age and other water skiing enthusiasts. For the evening hours, flood lights would be place on the shores of Lake Pepin. In the winter months of the year there are two options to maintain a 24 hour water skiing presence on Lake Pepin. The first option is to cut a hole in the ice near a specific location near shore. The second option would be to use a snow mobile to tow the skier on top of the ice, this would be acceptable due to the fact that ice is the solid form of water. A city employee of Lake City will drive the city owned water skiing boat. Now that we've examined the details of the proposal and Lake City's current situation, let's discuss some benefits of this plan.

The tourism in Lake City would improve because of this plan. According to the journal Canadian Geographer, a community based tourism program improved Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan's economy and tourism numbers. This is proof that the 24 hour water skiing program, to be considered a community based tourism program will improve Lake City's economy and tourism as it did in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

This plan will improve the health of citizens in Lake City. Water skiing is an activity that will improve various muscle groups and control weight gain according to American Fitness. The 24 hour water skiing program will improve Lake City's population overall health and wellness being that water skiing is recognized as a weight control activity.

Finally, this plan will help validate Lake City's claim as the "birthplace of water skiing." According to the American Heritage Dictionary , the definition of validate is to substantiate or verify. According to that same dictionary the definition of substantiate is the following: to support with proof or evidence; to give material form to; or to make real or actual.

The 24 hour water skiing program in Lake City, MN will not only validate the claim as "birthplace of water skiing" but it will substantiate it as well according to the American Heritage Dictionary . Now that we've discussed the benefits of this plan, let's examine an example of one local government validating their claims and Lake City's current actions with this proposal.

New Salem, North Dakota is located in western North Dakota and is a prime example of local government's validating their claims. New Salem's claim is that it is the "Home of the World's Largest Holstein Cow." New Salem's claim is validated by a 38 foot tall statue of a Holstein cow that resides on top of a hill outside of the city.

As you can see by this photograph, I personally went to New Salem in the Summer of 2005 to verify the existence of this statue and New Salem's claim. The physical existence of this statue validates and substantiates New Salem's claim of "Home of World's Largest Holstein Cow." This is something that Lake City is failing to do right now.

The government of Lake City is actually considering this proposal.

In a letter to addressed to me and see by this photograph, Lake City City Administrator Ron Johnson stated that "I am forwarding your letter to our local chamber of commerce for their review."

The definition of consider is to take into account. By forwarding this proposal to the chamber of commerce, the City of Lake City has started the formal government process of adopting policy and therefore this is regarded as taking this plan into account or considering it.

Lake City, MN needs a 24 hour water skiing plan in order to validate their claim as the "birthplace of water skiing." The proposed 24 hour water skiing plan will not only validate their claim, improve the economy and tourism, and make citizens healthier but it will also follow the example of New Salem, ND in validating claims.

This proposal is actually to benefit the youth of Lake City. One morning a child will wake up in Lake City and will no longer be ashamed of his government for he will look towards Lake Pepin and will see someone constantly water skiing. Then that child will be able to say to himself, "We're the birthplace of water skiing, and we're damn proud of it."

Thank you.