Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Inauguration- J20

Chenny snowballed Posted by Hello
I was suprised that more snowballs weren't thrown.

Well last Thursday I spent the day watching the Inauguration, even though I strongly disagree and with the person who was being sworn in I still felt that it would be an interesting thing to watch. I was waiting for Dubya to screw up on his speech or for someone to go streaking in the middle of the parade, but none of the likes happened. First of all, I thought the partying and specticle was too much. We have troops overseas who don't have the proper equipment and who are driving around in virtual Purple Heart boxes while in DC Dubya can show off his white man dancing moves at one of the TEN Inaugural balls. That's just too much. The speech Dubya gave pretty much frightened most of the world. Sounded like something straight out of the Cold War era, the Us vs. Them mentality, we need to go after the "Evil Empire" and spread democracy. This is not the foriegn policy that the US needs right now, espesically with the US involved in two wars, both of them getting drastically worse by each day. The protests on that day were interesting and fun to watch, but I was disappointed that more protesters were not allowed in the parade route area. I guess people are afraid to see the full extent of what true democracy is all about. That's what I got from the first day of Bush's second term. It's going to be a long four years and let's just hope that the shit doesn't hit the fan too hard.


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