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On the steps of the capital (2/9/05) Posted by Hello

Rally Day 05 turned out to be a fun and successful event. Over 2,000 students from MN state schools showed up in St. Paul to march and rally at the state capital for a freeze on tuition rates. The bill itself (known was H.F. 670) was just introduced in early February and is under going the commitee process. I see did members of the media but I did not notice any air or print time yet on the TV station's websites. Kare 11 at 6 featured another rally at the capital, this was for road construction, the video clip looked liked a bunch of old guys in suits sitting around. It's a shame that more TV media wasn't on hand to feature this tremendous gathering of students. But the fight must go on, and if you happen to read this and are affected by tuition at a state school I strongly urge you to write to your state represenatives and tell him enough is enough and freeze the tuition! If you want to learn more about this you can visit www.tuitionfreeze.org

As a side note, I took over 130 pictures of the march/rally event. Anyone can visit the link below to look at pictures from MOSH Rally and Rally Day 05.

Today's Exciting But Mundane Activity Jared Did: Colored my Rally Day sign with sharpie markers. I think I got high, it was weird.

Bushism: "I think war is a dangerous place." -Washington, DC; May 7, 2003

Today's Quote from Jared's Roommate, the Nepali named Bishwas: "That is why when someone asks you if you have a girl friend, you ALWAYS say yes." - after telling me a story on how another international student was hit on by a guy.

Link of the Day: http://www.addictinggames.com/miniputt.html This is the game I play when I am very bored. See if you put a 30 like I did.

Reading on Hygrometer on Humidor: 70% (ideal conditions)


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