Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Spitting Hicks, Billy Idol, and Oh Crap! College Started

"I piss over Rhode Island." -Sam Portz, June 22, 2005 at Caribou Coffee

What a good quote to start this school year off with! That quote has been in my wallet on a piece of paper for the past couple of months. Speaking of Sam Portz, he took the pictures of Vanilla Rumble which was held on July 17. Finally they are up for people to see on my Yahoo Photos area. Vanilla Rumble Pictures.

Here's a story for the whole family, so the Stene-Mobile got an unwanted addition to the paint job. On a Friday evening during rush hour my mother and I had to run to downtown St. Paul to do an errand. After I was done dropping something off I got back into the Stene-Mobile and my mother started to drive to the end of the block and turn onto a one-way street. Meanwhile a man started to walk in the cross walk ahead of us while the Stene-Mobile had a green light, which is pretty common these days to play pedestrian dodge person. But what happened now was that this man, who we shall reference as "Mr. Hick Dude," decided to stand in the middle of the cross walk in front of the lane and not move. As a result the Stene-Mobile was forced to stop in front of Mr. Hick Dude, now Mr. Hick Dude was standing and looking around at various St. Paul things and ignore our car. Fustrated by this my mother started asking Mr. Hick Man to move, but she was still inside the Stene-Mobile. After he was not responsive to this request and still ignoring the poor Stene-Mobile, I then decided to roll down the passenger window and lean out of the window to say, "Hey Buddy! Can you please move for us?!"

Mr. Hick Dude then snapped to look at the Stene-Mobile with an angry look and decided to give us the middle finger. Please refer to the picture on the left for a reference to the middle finger. Commonly called "The Bird" "Flipping Someone Off" or "The California Howdy" according the hit 1993 movie The Beverly Hillbillies starring Diedrich Bader.

While walking away from the Stene-Mobile with his middle finger still displayed proudly for all to see, Mr. Hick Dude then decided to spit a large piece of hick-like saliva at the Stene-Mobile. Finally, he was out of the way for the Stene-Mobile to proceed on its way. As my mother turned the car, and myself in shock over what has just happen, she decided to vocally express herself about what just happened.

"WELL, FUCK YOU BACK!!!" my mom proudly stated to Mr. Hick Dude. After the Stene-Mobile was well away from the scene of the horrific event, I was still in shock over what happened. So if anyone is in the downtown St. Paul area and spots a man who looks like the rocker Andrew WK but with red hair and a little bit more chunkier, please kindly ask the him to stop spitting on the Stene-Mobile because its just not nice.

A few days later though, luck for me changed when on the way to work I found this on the ground of a Grand Ave. gas station in St. Paul:

A BILLY IDOL CASSETTE TAPE!! After wiping away the morning dew off of the case it still worked in the Stene-Mobile tape player. But now being that I am back at college I no longer have the resources to enjoy great hits such as "Rebel Yell" and "Eyes Without A Face."

After an eventful summer of doing various activities like drinking coffee, having lightsaber battles (seen in photo), and working as a temp at Wells Fargo and Brown College, I returned to Winona State to continue doing college-like things. For example, walking in the St. Charles Gladiola Days Parade last Sunday with the Winona County DFL for College Democrats. St. Charles is located about 30 miles west of Winona, where Rick and I found out that Democrats are not quite favored in this area of Minnesota. Let's just say that silence isn't really a sign of being well accepted by a large crowd. But all that matters in the end, is that someone out there can do a cartwheel with a toy lightsaber as well as lift an outdoor table!

Not entirely sure who that is?! Why it's Matt Dunn! He's seen here in this undated file photo. Oh and don't forget the band that decided to name themselves Matt Dunn.

BUSH: "First of all, Cinco de Mayo is not the independence day. That's dieciseis de Septiembre, and..."
MATTHEWS: "What's that in English?"
BUSH: "Fifteenth of September." [Dieciseis de Septiembre = September 16]
-Hardball with Chris Matthews, MSNBC; May 31, 2000

Links of the Day:
This is the website of a guy who decided to tattoo his entire body with Disney characters. I honestly have no words to describe that, wow.

Are you a really cool person that drinks a lot of caffeine like I do?! Well you can figure out how much of your favorite caffeine drink can kill you in one sitting. Death-by-Caffeine. Don't actually try this though!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Just hold on.....

Things have been really busy lately. Right now I'm finishing up work as a temp at Brown College in Mendota Heights, Rick and I are starting to get College Dems up and running, and of course there is that crazy hick guy in downtown St. Paul who decided to spit on our car....

I move back to Winona State on August 22, and on that week there should be plenty of updates and stuff from the summer. Sorry for not updating as much! In the mean time...