Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Next Year's Major Issue

After serving on Student Senate for the past year and re-elected to serve next year I come across issues from time to time that keep me up at night. But as you can tell by the lack of updating on this blog that I've been really concerned about this particular issue and it has made its way to the top of my list of concerns. This summer many WSU students will be able to replace their current laptops for more advanced and updated laptops that feature "dual processing." Sounds pretty cool right? WRONG. The advanced technology might be overwhelming and one day may turn against us. I believe that once these new laptops become available to WSU there will be a tragic error in the system, one that will spark these new machines to spawn into lethal robots. Think about it! Why would someone need dual processing? It would be one processor for the laptop and the extra one for the robot. So I have spent an afternoon preparing a photo of what these laptop robots would look like and illustrate the type of damage these cruel bastards are capable of.

The cold eyes of next year's enemy...

Trained to kill and destroy all in its path until WSU is no more.

The chaos and destruction caused by the laptop robots, these things will need more than just a simple Ctrl+Alt+Delete to get rid of. So I hope that you will survive and I will see you at Mugby when the dust eventually settles.

Little Known Fact about Jared:
I listen to MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) from time to time to catch up on my news and the issues of the day. But I copied this off of the live stream a couple weeks ago of and decided to share this interesting conversation with all of you that made the airways of MPR. It features a baker from Lewiston by the name of Ryan Schweety sharing his fun and delicious dishes!

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At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Carlawesomannello said...

You would think that with these dual processors and the updated technology that these computers are capable of, they would creat better and more realistic faces for themselves. I'll meet you at Mugby with my giant bat. By the way, can't we just dump some water on them and short them out...unless they have built-in rain jackets.


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