Saturday, January 29, 2005


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This was the highlight of my past week. I didn't steal the shoes this time though. I thought at about it but it was just too risky, maybe next time though. The ones I have now need to be replaced. There are cracks in the leather and a hole at the bottom of the right shoe, can't use them when its wet or snowy out because my socks get wet. The pair I have now I stole from an ally in St. Paul in August. They are a nice pair though, red, blue and grey, go well with jeans. One may wonder how I stole bowling shoes. Well its an easy process. You wear your regular shows out of the ally and you stick the bowling shoes up your pant legs so that the heal of the bowling shoe is resting on the top of your foot. Then you just waddle out of the ally. Also you get a friend of yours who is about 5' 5'' to do a cart wheel in front of the desk as a distraction. Then congratulations to you, you're a proud owner of a great conversation piece. Just be careful not to wear them to another bowling ally. There have been times where I wanted to go bowling and couldn't go because I have bowling shoes on that say "RENTAL" on the side of them. It just looks bad.


At 7:06 PM, Blogger Dunnmoney said...

Hey that's 5'5 & 1/2"!!!!!!


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