Friday, May 06, 2005

No Pants Day

No Pants Day, as American as apple pie and baseball.Posted by Hello

Today, May 6, the first Friday of May is No Pants Day. A national/worldwide holiday where the wearing of pants is not allowed. You can visit the banner above this post for more information. I was blessed to discover No Pants Day while looking at a flier at Blue Heron, and now I ask that you join in No Pants Day. My public display of non-pants wearing might be limited due to the fact that Woodbury might jail me on sight for not wearing pants, but the revolution starts with one brave act of breaking the law.

The final day of WSU was spent spreading the sport of jowling. You can learn more about jowling by visiting Jowlers.com or you can refer to one of my recent entries in which I discuss the sport and tactics. Bring on the jowlers!

Carla and Andrea jowling, the first female WSU Jowlers, something that they will both put on their resumes and applications.Posted by Hello

Brandon jowling, this technique is improving a little but I think his off season work will really pay off for when we start back up again in the Fall.Posted by Hello

My best jowling attempt to date. Posted by Hello

Tony's first jowling ever, no longer a jowling virgin! That a boy Tony, that a boy.Posted by Hello

Pete with some 8th floor Sheehan jowling action.Posted by Hello

Mike with the decent first jowling, well done Mike.Posted by Hello

Bushism: "He understands the need for a timely write of the constitution." — on Prime Minister Iyad Allawi of Iraq, Washington, D.C., April 28, 2005

Link of the Day: Give Bush A Brain! A cool game you can play when you are bored, and anti-Bush. Its actually some what challenging.

Unlikely Workplace Memo:

Tony Tran's work bathroom memo.Posted by Hello

This was displayed in the men's bathroom of Tony Tran's work. Something Tran will look forward to when he returns from Fargo.


At 10:36 PM, Anonymous "I've alwasy wanted to be a stripper" Dunn said...

If I ever see Mike Tyson on the street I am going to call him "a weak little girly man". It is likely I will be brutally beaten, but if I survive I will be one of the few people that can boast talking shit to Mike Tyson!

At 12:13 AM, Blogger tonyt04 said...

I am going to get a physical so I can start practicing to become the best jowlwer ever.


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