Monday, April 18, 2005

Road Trip to Oregon

It was a three day weekend here at Winona State, so I took advantage of it and decided to road trip to Oregon on Friday. Why Oregon? It was a cheap place to get away too, plus I hear that there's wild parties this time of year as well. There was 5 people in all who was in my party to Oregon: John Kerry, George Dubya, Sam Adams, Bill Buckner, and myself. We had our ups and downs, but it turned out to be a nice trip in the end. I had to pull over our wagon a couple times because Kerry and Dubya wouldn't stop arguing in the back seat and I got a little irritated. But good thing for Sam Adam's beer he brought along to loosen up the tension, also Bill Buckner took the reins when Sam and I chilled. Remember kids, can't operate a wagon after drinking. Funny thing happen though on our trip, I dropped my digital camera and it was acting up afterwards. Here's the pictures from our trip after I dropped my camera, enjoy!

George Dubya got bit.Posted by Hello

Along the way when we pulled over to a rest stop, Dubya got out of the car to play around in the ditch. It turned out to be a stupid move because he got a snakebite, most likely from all of the snake like people he is associated with.

This is me after I shot that buffalo, damn thing got too close. Sam Adams took this one of me from a tall tall tree.Posted by Hello

After a while we were getting hungry so pulled out the gun I brought along with me and decided to hunt us some food. It went really well because I shot a buffalo! Boy did those buffalo wings really hit the spot, also Bill Buckner is a pretty damn good griller.

Oregon!Posted by Hello

Finally made it to Oregon! Doesn't just look awesome?!

Fourth coolest person to road trip to Oregon.Posted by Hello

First thing we did when we got to Oregon was to head to the tourism office to look up where all the sweet party spots are. When we got to the office we discovered something pretty interesting, before I arrived to Oregon there has only been 9 others who have road tripped there. They added my name to a list on this giant board they keep at the office in order to keep track of everyone who road trips there in the history of the state. After spending 15 minutes in Oregon we made another discovery, this place sucks and there's no parties. We then decided to buy an airplane ticket back to Winona, just in time for classes to begin again on Monday. No wonder there's only been 10 people to road trip to Oregon, what a boring place.

Bushism: "I'm hopeful. I know there is a lot of ambition in Washington, obviously. But I hope the ambitious realize that they are more likely to succeed with success as opposed to failure." -Interview with Associated Press; January 18, 2001

Link of the Day: Funniest Paper Ever The school year is coming to a close and that means final exams and final papers. I found this on Mr. Dunlay's AIM profile and decided to post it on SFP & FM as a public service. This is not how to write a paper, but it is always funny to point and laugh at others who have failed before us.


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