Saturday, April 30, 2005

Crazy Thursday & Krugerpalooza Friday

The past Thursday and Friday were just insane! I think its just best to describe some of the things that ended up on my camera in order to capture what happened these past few days.

Robot Eager Posted by Hello

Mike Trombley and his engineering friends had to make a robot for a battle bots competition that is part of their class. Late Tuesday night at 2 am I encountered the robot making crew in the 2nd Prentiss Lounge just piecing wires and making a lethal robot. It was at that point where Mr. Trombley and myself explained the Tartan High School Legend that is Eric Eager. They were inspired so much by his legend status that they decided to name their robot after Hot Pants (another high school legend of people on the team) and Eager. I'm please to announce that Eager has prevailed and took first overall in the tournament on Thursday. Congratulations Eager.

What happens at Block Party...stays at Block Party. Posted by Hello

Thursday night was also the massive Block Party thrown by IRHC. At Block Party I apparently got fake married to two ladies, which in part makes me a fake polygamist.

Friday was Krugerpalooza on WSU Campus. One huge massive party in which state dignitaries and elitist moshed it up and jammed out in honor of the library being named after President Kruger. Thursday evening Rick, Brandon and myself made Krugerpalooza shirts for the occasion. Can't wait for next year's Krugerpalooza!


Jared at the Kruger Library on Krugerpalooza, the mosh pits were crazy.Posted by Hello

Later that evening the P-L Ping Pong tournament was held in the Ping Pong Stadium/Laundry Room of my dorm hall. I arrived in my ping pong uniform but was eliminated in the first round with a score of 21-4.

Ping Ponging it up at the Prentiss Lucas Ping Pong Tournament.Posted by Hello

Bushism: "But if you've been laid off work, you're 100 percent unemployed, and I worry about it." -Green Bay, Wisconsin; September 3, 2001

Link of the Day: Bush was a cheer leader!

Look what I spotted on campus Friday afternoon, I need to contact the scientific community about this find. A rare species roaming about:

An Iowan Wennes in its natural habitat. Posted by Hello


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Dunnmoney said...

Was it Hot Pants/Eager or Tornado Weather Eager? Hot jam, those pics were hilarious.

At 11:04 PM, Blogger Josh Wennes said...

You better take care of that Iowan Wennes deal, you don't want those running around wild. I hear they attract women in droves!


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