Thursday, April 28, 2005

Kruegerpalooza Baby!

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Friday is Kruegerpalooza here at Winona State, where our Library is being named after our retiring president Darrell Krueger. You can read about Kruegerpalooza here. The administration has gone to the extent to encourage professors to cancel classes so students can attend the ceremony which starts at 11 am. But I for one will not be able to make the ceremony due to a quiz, but I'm thinking about making an appearance just for the refreshments. The Governor himself will be on hand for Kruegerpalooza! Maybe he'll start the party with a rousing speech on higher education and his secret plans to one day turn WSU into a state run casino! Kruegerpalooza shirts will be made for the special occasion and worn by select cool people around campus.

Speaking of Libraries and naming them after people, there was a special task force that comprised of myself and other concerned students to name the library after Minnesota baseball great, Kirby Puckett. A great deal of concern came about when Krueger called students ignorant after a student New U referendum that decided 5 to 1 against the proposal. So concerned with this, it was decided that the library should first be named after Kirby Puckett, so technically speaking this Friday would be the second naming of the WSU Library. The naming consisted of myself running full speed at the right hand library entrance and jumping as high as my white person skills will let me to place the new library sign.

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It's estimated that the Kirby Puckett Library existed for about 17 hours.

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While we are on the subject of libraries, the No on the New U rally was a very cold event, literally. At one point snow began to fall, but the New U Weather Machine could not deter the students who were there to speak against the man!

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Bushism: "Drug therapies are replacing a lot of medicines as we used to know it." -St.Louis; October 18, 2000

Link of the Day: Star Wars Stormtropper on HotorNot.com! Brandon and I encountered this man while bored and cruising around HotorNot.com, everyone please rate him a 10 because I think he sure has some balls to post a picture like that for the ENTIRE INTERNET to see.

Look what I bought!

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