Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Those Damn Tricky Canadians

In the past few weeks I've noticed some interesting billboards on my daily travels to and from downtown St. Paul. Here's what I am talking about:

"Get Away to Manitoba" billboard in downtown St. PaulPosted by Hello

The billboard wants us to travel to Manitoba, Canada where apparently there are nice beaches. But I'm not fooled by this nasty Canadian trick. So in response I have drafted up this billboard which will one day be placed next to each of these tricky Manitoba billboards.

Travel Arkansas!Posted by Hello

Call the travel agent now and explore the wonderful beaches that Arkansas has to offer! I just ran into a very sun tanned couple at Caribou the other day who just happen to return from exotic Arkansas, they say the moonshine is at its best this time of year, so escape now before the season is done.

In other summer action, my golf game was drastically changed this year while at the driving range for the first time this season. Half way through my bucket of range balls my driver made a hideous noise, after examining the club I realized that it became severely damaged.

The reason I'm not golfing much this season.Posted by Hello

It'll be a while before I can get back out there and find the time to run to the thrift store and find another driver.

This weekend I will be in Rochester attending Camp Wellstone with Rick. I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend of learning how to do things the grassroots way! Woo hoo! Then the following weekend will be the Red State Penetration Mission 2005, where I will be documenting my trip to deep inside the Red State of North Dakota. I've been training rigorously lately on survival and camouflage techniques. Here's a preview of one worse case scenario that might be encountered on the mission:

Something I might run into while in North Dakota.Posted by Hello

More on Red State Penetration Mission 2005 later!

Bushism: "I'm also mindful that man should never try to put words in God's mouth. I mean, we should never ascribe natural disasters or anything else, to God. We are in no way, shape, or form should a human being, play God." -Appearing on ABC's 20/20, Washington D.C., Jan. 14, 2005

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Sam fighting the system! Posted by Hello

He wanted a mocha and got a hot chocolate. Sam doesn't let this aggression stand!


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous matt dizunn said...

Arkansas: where cousins ride free

At 11:15 PM, Anonymous LP said...

sam portz is a sexy beast


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