Saturday, June 11, 2005


Oh yeah, I have that blog thing. Maybe I should update it.

Here's another pet peeve I've encounter not too long ago:

Why?Posted by Hello

So this guy decides to raise his truck 4 feet from the ground, and then have normal tires. You're not impressing anyone.

Something else that can't be explained:

Again, why?Posted by Hello

If you're walking the streets of Oakdale, MN at night you must be aware of a new prowler who likes to hang out in trees and attempt to expose himself to people. Please carry pepper spray when walking in Oakdale.

Oakdale's newest sexual prowlerPosted by Hello

After enjoying the new Star Wars film, Tran decided to buy a lightsaber at a thrift store and then bring it to Caribou one Saturday afternoon. Jealous, I then decided to go to Target and buy a lightsaber of my own. Soon battle erupted in the parking lot of Caribou...

Obi-Tran Kentony battling Darth JarediousPosted by Hello

The rumors are true! Fight for Cake Entertainment proudly presents:

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On July 18 (my birthday) Aaron "The Killer" Korf will take on John "Crazy Legs" Krier in what will for sure be the event of the year. Venue is yet to be determined and finalized, also the date might be moved back as well to the following weekend. But mark your calendars now and make arrangements to attend the biggest event this summer. There are also rumors floating around that Obi-Tran Kentony and Darth Jaredious will have an opening exhibition lightsaber battle before the main event. Stay tuned to Stick Figure Pirates & Flying Monkeys for your Vanilla Rumble updates!

The Jowling Update:

Tran's jowling attempt, modestPosted by Hello

Dunn's jowling attempt, a very good onePosted by Hello

Dan's jowling attempt, decentPosted by Hello

Korf jowling, goodPosted by Hello

John's jowling attempt, scrumtrulescentPosted by Hello

Bushism: "I think younger workers-first of all, younger workers have been promised benefits the government-promises that have been promised, benefits that we can't keep. That's just the way it is." -Washington, D.C., May 4, 2005

Link of the Day: One of the worst pictures ever.

No wait, this is one of the worst pictures ever:

Jesse Ventura and GI Joe at the recent BruhahaPosted by Hello


At 12:54 AM, Anonymous Flamingo Dunn said...

So I saw John's jowling pic and I started hyperventilating cause it was so great. But, yeah that isn't me in the tree. I'm pretty sure that is Babcock animorphed into my body. But hey send me one of the pics of me jumping from the tree clothed. I dont care if it is blurry or anything. Peace n00dz.


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