Sunday, March 20, 2005

Socizzle Security

I was reading Talking Points Memo and I noticed a commentary by a blogger about a recent New York Times article talking about how President Bush's sales pitch on privatized social security is not attracting the youth demographic. Then the article goes on to interview advertising people and "experts" on the youth generation to get their take on how the Bush administration should go about targeting young voters to get aboard with the President's plan. This is a quote from the article: "Some suggest replacing Mr. Bush with a star offering broader appeal - like Donald Trump or Arnold Schwarzenegger." Donald Trump?! I know all my friends want to be like Trump, wear what Trump wears, buy what Trump buys, so if he pitches Bush's social security agenda then hell I'll go for it!

If the Bush administration really wants to target the 18 to 29 year olds, I think they should use rap stars, think about that one.

Ludacris, Lil' John with Commander Chizzef (President Bush) in Detroit on the Privatize Dis, Biotch Tour.Posted by Hello

In a better effort to pitch Bush's social security plan, the White House announced today that it's kicking off it's Privatize Dis, Biotch Tour 2005. The tour will feature rap stars Ludacris and Lil' John along with the President who will be under the rap name "Commander Chizzef." The tour will make 15 stops through out the United States in order to appeal to the younger generation.


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