Sunday, April 03, 2005

Photoriffic Weekend

Well I finally got my camera back from Spain last weekend! Apparently it can speak Spanish, but I don't speak Spanish so I had to put it to good use this weekend and try to snap some English back into it. Here we go!


Sent another letter to Lake City Posted by Hello

I started the weekend by re-sending my water skiing proposal to the good people of Lake City, MN. It has been about three or so weeks since I have sent my first letter, they just must be in shock on how good of a plan it is that just forgot to send a response. You can view the letter by clicking here.

Brandon mountain biking, only without a bike. Posted by Hello

Friday night I went to the Acoustic Cafe, (Coffeehouse member of The Jared Stene Coffee Growers Support) I was with Brandon and Monica and the performer was a little interesting. It was an older guy with a cool newsboy hat, but I thought he was a little crazy when he started making trumpet and trombone noises while he was "singing." Then on the way back Brandon wanted to show off his cool BMXing skills.


Winona's Rubgy tournament, anyone want to scrum? Posted by Hello

Saturday morning, Josh and I went to see some good ol' rugby action! The Winona Rugby Club was holding its annual tournament in Winona, and I was in attendance for one of the games. It was my first live rugby game and it was a lot of fun. Football players have nothing on these guys, saw some crazy hits and they are not even wearing pads! My knee hurt for these guys.

Late Saturday night Bishwas and I were chilling in the room at like 12 am, and then I found my super bouncy balls that I just bought from Wal Mart. (No, its not a sexual phrase you sicko) So we decided to try and throw them as hard as we can against the floor and see how many times we can have it bounce off the ceiling and the floor. It was pretty fun, best to play late at night in order to piss others off.

Bishwas' turn in our cool new game with bouncy balls.Posted by Hello

My turn with our bouncy ball game. Posted by Hello

Then after playing the cool new game, I went up to Josh's room and did some rocking out. He got this picture of me, very rock n' roll.

Am I punk yet?! Posted by Hello


Then on Sunday I spent some time going around campus and fixing my fliers for the campaign (Campaign Blog). I got this picture of what it looks like now when you enter Kyrzsko Commons (WSU's Student Union building). This week is the big week, polls open at noon on Tuesday!

Main entrance to the student union building. You can see two of my fliers in that picture.  Posted by Hello

So that was basically my weekend in pictures. Did a lot of jumping, bouncing, saw some scruming. What more could you ask for in a weekend?!

Bushism: "[T]he illiteracy level of our children are appalling." -Washington, DC; January 23, 2004


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I think you won the bouncy ball game, unless the rugby guys challenged you.


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