Monday, March 28, 2005

A mandate established

P-L's new Treasurer, Mr. Josh Wennes Posted by Hello

In a flawless land slide victory, Mr. Josh Wennes was elected Monday evening as Prentiss Lucas Hall Council Treasurer, rushing in what historians are now calling "The Wennes Enlightenment Era" of P-L history. The victory established a mandate to broken ping pong tables throughout out P-L's domain "We should use the current funds to repair the broken ping pong table." I hope people write that quote down, words of a true statesman. Congrats Josh, a good start to things to come.

I have been fairly busy lately with my current campaign for WSU Student Senate and that prevents me from posting on this blog frequently, I apologize for this. There's been a lot things going on these past two weeks. This Thursday in Somsen auditorium the Mr. WSU pageant will be held. Student Services committee has been hard at work wrapping up the final touches to pull off a good event, if you'll be in the Winona area on Thursday night I highly recommend attending for it will be fun times!

Here are some random pictures from Saturday's bon fire at Korf's house to celebrate Seth Snyder's return from Marine Corps training. Photos taken by Joe G. Semper Fi!

No possible explanation for this picture, just like modern art. Posted by Hello

Feeling loved by Lue. Posted by Hello


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