Tuesday, March 15, 2005

From the kitchen table

I am writing from my kitchen table via a new found neighboring wireless network in sunny Woodburry, Minnesota; home of bad drivers and the definition of suburban sprawl. Every inch of Woodbury must be covered by a Gap, Starbucks or shopping center, or else they have failed in their mission to bring more horrible drivers to the area. Currently there is a small patch of woods that is visible from the apartment's porch, the area is about 70 yards long by 20 yards wide; the City Council has just approved for the building of a mini Subway to serve the 10 families that reside in the apartments and houses near by.

I'd thought I would share something I have found today in all the other blogs and from the New York Times website. I hope that all 15 of you that are reading this blog during my spring break become intrigued or interested in this.

The New York Times has uncovered "prepackaged news" segments that government agencies were creating and distributing to news outlets around the US to promote and propagate certain Bush policies. This comes after the Armstrong Williams scandal, in which a conservative columnist received payments ($240,000 to be exact) from the Bush administration to promote the controversial No Child Left Behind Act without disclosing that he was being paid by the Bush Administration. Trying to find real news and the truth is becoming harder and is becoming a lost art of journalism it seems like. Trusting the main stream media is also becoming harder these days when the government's propaganda films end up being passed off as actual journalism. Read the New York Times article via MichaelMoore.com here. I watched one of the "news" segments on the actual New York Times site and it reminded me of the 1940's and 1950's news reel propaganda films shown in movie houses across the country, you can access the videos by clicking on "New York Times" on the link I post above and then navigating to the actual article.

I found this on a TV infomercial at 3 am, Bible on DVD. It's the Bible on a DVD, I thought this was interesting and mildly funny.

Rick Howden is currently in the Caribbean right now. He was being some what of a dork last week while constantly bringing up the fact that he is going to the Caribbean and made it his mission to rub in that fact to everyone he encountered. Rick was also thinking about staying down there forever and not coming back while adopting the "Jimmy Buffet lifestyle." Thank you Rick for pointing out the fact that you are in a island paradise while I am spending spring break in 30 degree snowy weather. What to read Rick's blog and post evil comments pointing out the rare bad weather that occurs in the Virgin Islands?! Click here to visit Rick's Blog.

I successfully single handedly balanced Minnesota's budget! I checked out MPR's Budget Balancer and gave my go at balancing the budget, hell I even created a surplus. Click here to view my budget suggestion for the state.


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