Thursday, March 24, 2005


The state ultimately responsible for my frustration with this years NCAA Basketball Tournament.Posted by Hello

Someone please explain to me why the NCAA Basketball Tournament decided to go insane and completely screw up my bracket?! Anyone?! As a result of all these upsets in the tournament, my chances of winning a 2006 Lincoln Mark LT truck from CBSSportsline.com have gone down the toilet. University of Vermont beating Syracuse?! Didn't even know the sport of basketball existed north of Massachusetts, let alone them knocking off a number four seed. But most of my anger lies with the state of West Virginia, thank you West Virginia for knocking out one of my Final Four picks (Wake Forest) in the second round, every office worker across the United States with a bracket thanks you as well. In fact, because of your win that was not suppose to occur and thus ruining my chances of winning a 2006 Lincoln Mark LT truck from CBSSportsline.com, I think that y'all (West Virginia language) should buy me that car I could of won. I sense a possible letter brewing. Oh and thanks to my so called "sleeper team" for choking and not coming through for me. I'm disappointed with George Washington University for not pulling through for me, I mean you're named after the first president of this country! It is required in order to hold the name of a founding father that you should be able to at least make it to the Sweet Sixteen, you don't even deserve the name "George Washington." Well at least my tournament champion is still in it. Thank you North Carolina, seriously, you fellas didn't choke when all of your other high ranking team friends decided to conspire against my chances of winning a car.

Bushism: "And there's no doubt in my mind, not one doubt in my mind, that we will fail." - Washington, DC; October 4, 2001

Mocha Withdrawal Marathon: 53 hours, 29 minutes without a mocha.
Results of Mocha Withdrawal Marathon: Two major spelling errors on one campaign flier for Jared Stene for WSU Senate (Campaign Blog). The biggest one was when someone kindly pointed out that instead of my last name of STENE in a caption, I wrote the word STATE instead. The good man Josh Wennes helped me out for about a good 45 minutes going to each of my fliers around campus and fixing the error with a white out tape pen. Thank you Mr. Wennes for your help, and thank you Mom for the white out tape pen.

Link of the Day: Guess the Dictator or Sit-Com Character. This thing will literally blow your mind away! You think of a person that is either a known dictator or a television sit-com character and then answer Yes or No questions as it guesses your person. It has guessed every single person I have picked, fun website to play with when you're bored.


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