Monday, April 11, 2005

Sen. Jared

WSU Spring Student Senate Election Results, Sophomore race:
*Stene, Jared 239
*Meyer, Lindsey 159
*Stelpflug, Lindsay 151
Stawinoga, Nycole 135

Bergmen, Bjorn 1
Brengosz, Emily 1
Dennis, Greg 1
Donald 1
Enfurter, Frank 1
Finke, Dusty 1
Fuller, Nathan 1
Glynn, Nate 1
Jesus 1
Mickey 1
Minor, Ellis 1
Myers, Jennifer 1
Robinson, Steve 1
Smallbeck, Brian 1
Ylvisaker, Brent 1
*= wins seat

With the biggest margin in the entire Spring Election for all races for next year's Student Senate, I won by 80 votes. A big thank you goes out to everyone who supported and helped me out, it really means a lot. Also thank you to the non-WSU people who tried to vote for me but were not allowed to (Pat Dunlay and Tony Wind).

As promised, Chuck Norris did get a vote. The following are the write-in candidate results from the College of Liberal Arts Senator race:
Pearson, Craig 2
Avers, Elise 1
Bruesesitz, Matthew 1
Crooke, Mike 1
Finke, Dusty 1
Fredrickson, Adam 1
Gossman, Laura 1
Iverson, Andy 1
Jezus the mattress giant 1
Krasaway, Danielle 1
Kuzenski, Steve 1
McClanahan, Erik 1
McPot, Smokey 1
Mosser, Jeff 1
Norris, Chuck 1
Potsmoker, Johnny 1
Powers, Caitlin 1
Reese, Travis 1
Reese, Travis D. 1
Schoenecker, Rachel 1
Smith, Carol 1
VanTassel, Nicole 1
Warrington, Chris 1
Weide, Layla 1
White, Paul 1
Wold, Mollie 1

Good job to Johnny Potsmoker and Smokey McPot who also earned votes in this year's election. Friday night I had a late night celebration with Chris after I returned from the Twins game,we enjoyed the La Gloria Cubana Serie R.

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I was just gonna let you know that I as well went to the winona voting page. I was merely just gonna see what happened when I got there, but I was unsuccessful in cracking a password code. Glad to hear of your Glorious Victory (notice the use of capitols, to make it more historic). Now all you need is a parade filled with large elephants, danging girls, and knife swallowers. That would be pretty sweet. Take Care.


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