Sunday, April 10, 2005

Damn The Twins Loosing

My weekend started by attending the home opener for the Minnesota Twins. The event was put on by UPAC so it was relatively cheap for the ticket and bus ride. After a two and half hour bus ride and sitting in rush hour traffic we arrived to Minneapolis greeted by the Minneapolis Police and security guards. Since this was going to be a sell out game, the security presence was very heavy around the Metrodome. From buses being searched for bombs to uniformed officers carrying automatic rifles, terrorism stayed away from the Metrodome that night by the Minneapolis Police and the crack rent a cop squads.

In order to get near the Metrodome our bus was searched for bombs.

The armed Minneapolis police officer that boarded our bus and searched the over head compartments and bags.Posted by Hello

The bomb sniffing dog that searched the outside of our bus, now he found something explosive. Posted by Hello

After the bus was searched I was able to go inside the Metrodome. I noticed that they updated the Rave Milk. Rave Milk is the term given by myself, Carla and Aaron to the giant inflatable milk statue in right field, when a Twin hits a homerun strobe lights flash on the thing, thus causing raveness.

The New Rave MilkPosted by Hello

The Twins went on to loose 5-1 in front of a crowd of 48,000, way to not disappoint Twinkies. After I noticed this guy I concluded that it wasn't their fault, instead it was this that made them loose:

A confused man wearing a cowboy hat. My theory why the Twins lost that night.Posted by Hello


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