Friday, March 11, 2005

Spring Break

The Mocha. My spring break, only they'll mostly be from Caribou.Posted by Hello

It's SPRING BREAK!! I do not have any formal plans right now as of what I am doing but I plan on doing some studying, starting up the ol' propaganda machine again, sip on a lot of mochas, try to find my hazmat suit, and wait for a response from the City of Lake City.

Here are some links you can enjoy over spring break when I'm not updating SFP & FM very often:
Buy a Support Kerry '08 blue bracelet! Rick and I both have one of these!

Kicking Ass The Democratic National Committee official blog.

Conan O'Brien Walker Texas Ranger Clips By far the most hilarious things on TV now. My personal favorite is the Clip #2 collection, thanks to Commissioner Dunlay for showing me this link.

Conan Clips Clips of one of the most hilarious shows on TV from the official NBC Conan O'Brien website.

State of Minnesota Budget Balancer Think you have what it takes to balance the state budget for Minnesota?! Try your fiscal policy skills with this fun program from the Minnesota Public Radio website, I learned about this today in my American Politics class with Prof. Downs today.

Fish Bowl DC The blog of the first bloggers ever to sit in on the White House Press Corps, which took place earlier in the week.

Talking Points Memo Another well known political leftist blog, I personally check this one every day.

Bushism: [A]s you know, these are open forums, you're able to come and listen to what I have to say." -Washington DC; October 28, 2003


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