Friday, February 25, 2005

Young Man, Quit Your Protesting!

Know your role! 1st Amendment? Never heard of it!Posted by Hello

One of my favorite posters that I found at The Propaganda Remix Project. Check it out, they have a lot of cool posters from WWI and WWII edited for today's times. It's very liberal, just to warn you.

This protesting one reminds me of the time back in August '04 when I went to protest Bush's visit in St. Paul at the Xcel Energy Center. I went with Jason, Joe, Tyler, Laura, and others to a protest of Bush/pro-Kerry rally. It was one of my first protests I've attended and it was by far a fun experience. I also knew that my Grandparents were going to the same rally that I was protesting at. Just by luck we noticed them there. I had a chance to wave at them from across the security baracade and Kellogg Blvd, and doing the Grandparent thing they waved back. But soon my Grandma gave me a thumbs down as she walked into the building. It was a hilarious thing to see. So if you ever get a chance to protest or go to a rally for whatever cause, I recommend going because a lot times they can be tons of fun.


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