Sunday, February 20, 2005

Check Your Oil Winona!

Eyedea concert Posted by Hello

Last night I attended the Eyedea concert at Rascals, and it was by far an interesting experience. Rascal's is a bar located in downtown Winona and its the local music scene stop for all different types of musical acts. But last night it featured Eyedea, an MC/lyricist from Minneapolis who's part of the Rhymesayers group (www.rhymesayers.com). Eyedea is most known for his collaboration with the group Eyedea & Abilities. The show was 18 plus at a bar which usually has 21 plus acts perform, so that created an interesting crowd on hand, not to mention we're in the town of Winona. I saw gangstas, wanna-be gangstas, preppy people, gothic looking people, pot heads, high school seniors, middle aged people, biker looking types, and then people who really dressed up nice but they came from a formal dinner that was on campus earlier that evening. Then I spotted the Willie Nelson look alike guy who hangs out at the Blue Heron coffee shop, then another guy who was probably the most whitest thing ever dancing crazy and yelling "YEAH!!" while sporting a Christmas reindeer sweater. In fact at one point the reindeer guy and Willie Nelson were dancing "hip-hop" with each other, I tried getting video of it but it was dark and you can barely make them out when I edited the piece. I'll try to figure out how to get up on here. So the term normal hip hop crowd didn't apply to this group of unique individuals. I have to admit when I first got there it was a little awkward because there wasn't a ton of people there and people who were there were all 21 and hanging out at the bar. Also a small fight broke out right in front of me. This one biker guy went at it with some college aged guy, they were both drunk. But the biker guy got totally knocked out, college guy decked him and biker guy fell like a tree. He knocked over one of those tall tables and hit his head on a pole near the table, then all the drinks on the table fell on the guy. Then the guy who got knocked out got kicked out of the bar and the guy who decked him didn't, that didn't make sense to me. The other under 21ers near me got freaked out too, they just want to see Eyedea, not get KOed by Mr. Boozey Tyson. After that though the show started and things got better. They had a lot of good opening acts. One of them told us "Check you oil Winona!" In the end it turned out to be a good concert and an interesting experience, thanks to Willie Nelson, reindeer sweater guy, and biker man who got KOed in the "first round."

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