Monday, February 21, 2005


That's right Puffy, elections are starting for WSU! In my opinion, Vote or Die is one of the funniest campaigns slogans ever. Posted by Hello

Starting a 8 am on Tuesday Feb. 22 the online polls are opening for elections on two Student Senate positions and on the New U referendum. You can vote by going here:

Stick Figure Pirates & Flying Monkeys officially endorses Rick Howden for the Sophomore Student Senate position. So Sophomores remember Rick when you click on the link above and pick a someone who is already fighting for you now! You can find out more info on Rick by clicking on the Rick Howden for WSU Senate link under the Links of Coolness section.

As to the New U, I know without a doubt that I am voting NO to the question. This time the referendum question is simple, Should WSU implement the New University Plan as proposed? I encourage everyone who attends WSU and reading this to at least vote on this no matter what your view is. Last semester's referendum didn't get the required amount of votes needed in order to be considered official, so please take the same minute or so it takes to read this entry and vote on the New U question RIGHT NOW!

This is one of the few opportunities you get to vote on anything in any sort of election so take advantage of it. Then after you vote on this, tell your friends to vote too! But if you're really crafty/bored you can make yourself a "I VOTED" sticker! I'm going to make one out of a yellow post it note and then draw a flying monkey on it, just for the hell of it!


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