Thursday, February 24, 2005

Smores anyone?

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man attempting to attack P-LPosted by Hello

I was walking back from the library last night and I noticed a security violation that should of been reported. The Stay Puft Marshmallow man was behind P-L ready to attack, so I quickly took a picture of him. Luck would have it though he was frightened by the flash from my camera and he ran off. Security never noticed, some protection they provide!

WSU STUDENTS: Rick Howden will make a special meet and great appearance in the lower hyphen of Kryzko Commons! During Noon to 1:30 pm stop by the Rick Howden for Senate table and meet the man himself, Rick. Don't forget to grab a sticker while you're there and tell other Sophomores to stop by the table as well. You can vote for Rick by clicking on the WSU Students: Vote button on the top right of this page!

Bushism: "I talked about making the death tax permanent so that Rolf can pass his assets from-to a family member if he so chooses." -After meeting with small-business oweners; O'Fallon, Missouri; March 18, 2002

Today's Exciting But Mundane Activity Jared Did: Watched a video in Mass Media class that was taped of off Fox News about liberal bias in Hollywood. I felt myself getting dumber.

Link of the Day: Baghdad Burning
A blog from a girl in Baghdad, Iraq. An interesting perspective on the war and occupation by US forces in Iraq. No media bias or selection here.


At 1:43 PM, Blogger Josh Wennes said...

I can't believe we almost got attacked! I thought I saw a huge white flash out my window, but I thought it was a UFO to do more tests on me, luckily it wasn't. Wow, thanks for reporting the truth Jared, you should work for FAUX -er-FOX.


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