Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'm Googleized & In Space!

I'm Googleized!Posted by Hello

It gives me great pleasure to announce that this blog is now appearing on Google! Everyone should take out their planners, calendars and write this date down for you are witnessing world history. I also found out that by Googleing “Jared Stene” that a number of different things come up, including this blog.

”Jared Stene” on Google

Now I Googled my name because I’m currently trying to locate all of my long lost websites and pages I have produced over the course of my internet career. This is certainly no easy task. But after I Googled my name I made a number of fascinating discoveries. First of all, my letter to Snoop Dogg appears on the very top of the search results, very shizzle. Then a number of different entries from this blog, as well as different pages from the Student Senate website and Winonan website that have to deal with my associate senator position. There’s a promotional page from Dickinson State’s Business Challege program which I attended in the summers before junior and senior year of high school. There’s a bad picture of me on that page, maybe you can find it. Another finding from Google is a web page listing the 2001 State Freestyle Qualifiers. I’m listed in the heavy weight division at the bottom of the page but they have me from Totino- Grace, I went to Tartan, they screwed up. Also I never wrested a match in order to qualify for state, I was that “intimidating.” The Bored Club page appeared as well, it was club that was started in high school in order to prevent boredom.

Now the biggest discovery that caught my attention was my name being listed on a NASA website. First I thought that it could be a different Jared P Stene, but I clicked on the page and my family was listed as well. Now why is my family listed on a NASA website?! Apparently my name, and those of my family, is on a microchip on the Stardust comet probe satellite! During the State Fair ’98 our family visited the NASA/JPL booth in the technology building, and eventually some how signed a list of names to be sent to space. I soon learned that it is common practice that NASA gathers names from the public to be placed on space probes. My name is one of over 1 million names aboard the Stardust probe that is flying to a comet to gather samples and return to Earth in 2006. Currently the Stardust probe is 312,605,000 miles away from Earth. Now I can use this tid bit in interviews and put in my resume as “Name listed on NASA space probe currently positioned 312,605,000 miles from Earth.” In the event that the probe is captured by aliens, I would be one of the first million people for them to probe. It is because of this I am drafting the “Jared Stene Anti Body Cavity Invision Defense Plan” or JSABCIDP for short just in case ET and his sick little friends decide to stick it to me, literally.

The microchip carrying my name in space aboard the Stardust Space probe.Posted by Hello

You can find my name on the Stardust website by clicking here. The name is near the bottom of the list in alphabetical order.

Last night I was watching the channel KTTC that is out of Rochester, MN then a commercial appeared for the Minute Man Indoor Gun Range. It was by far the one of the most freighting things I have seen on TV, next to the TV show Cheaters on the WB. The ad tries to draw females to the gun range and tries to use sex appeal as well to entice new customers. The end of the commercial has a woman saying “Girls just wanna have fun!” and then she draws her hand gun and shots a target that explodes. Who would have thought that an indoor gun range would run TV commercials? I’m most definitely in a conservative area, with bad TV. Minute Man Indoor Gun Range


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