Monday, February 28, 2005

Do Not Stand On The Tracks

The Red Bull truck we encountered on Hwy. 61Posted by Hello

My Amtrak safety guide warned me not to stand on the tracks. Then it showed a picture of a guy in front of a train coming towards him. It looks funny, I took a copy to cherish. The ride back was interesting as always. Accompanying Ken and I back to Winona was a group of 79 people who were coming back from St. Cloud for a national cheerleader tournament. So when I tried to get some coffee in the snack area I was surrounded by elementary aged cheerleaders as they pointed out the vast amounts of graffiti on the walls and bridges and being yelled at by the coach lady on why some of them don't have their uniforms on. Apparently you need your uniform on 24/7 to be in the fascist cheerleading squad. "2, 4, 6, 8, WHO'S RIGHTS ARE WE GOING TO REPRESS TODAY! FASCISTS, FASCISTS, GOOOO FASCISTS! YAY!"

That was random. It's what happens when you think writing in a blog with two mochas in you is a good idea. Anyways, a lady from Chicago thought my new fedora looked nice. Props to that lady with the iPod. From here on out till the end of this semester I would like this period of my life to be referred to as "The Fedora Period." So just a note my staff of biography writers I hired a few months ago.

The picture above is the Red Bull truck that we encountered on the way back home on Hwy. 61. Andrea and Carla kept on road flirting with the guys inside the truck, I just wanted to get some wings. But on Saturday night I ate wontons at the Wok instead with Portz and Travis. We also encountered Rooney, which was probably a big highlight of the weekend.

I'm sad to share the news that Rick Howden was defeated in his bid for Sophomore Senate. Rick ran a great campaign though and is now involved with a leadership position at the Lutheran Campus Center. Rick might possibly run again this spring, but he's still thinking about it. In other WSU election news the New U referendum turned out a strong NO vote to the question of "Should the university implement the New U plan as proposed?" This time a turn out of over 14% validated the current position of the student body, which is by far the highest turn out in recent referendum history. From here the Senate is about to implement a New U Ad Hoc committee, which I intend to serve as an associate senator on, as well as maintain my current associate senator position on the Student Services committee. More news to come soon...

Bushism: "I've coined new words, like, misunderstanding and Hispanically." -Radio-Television Correspondents Association dinner; Washington DC; March 29, 2001

Today's Exciting But Mundane Activity Jared Did: Walked by a whacked out lady who was wearing pink wind pants on campus when walking back from the train station with my baggage. She said "When you have two suitcases it looks like your wife kicked you to the curb!" What the hell was that?! Only in Winona.

Link of the Day: Hazmat suit on eBay

Reading on Hygrometer on Humidor: 71%

I am the walrus, goo goo goo joob.


At 2:04 AM, Blogger Dunnmoney said...


That was the highlight of my night...er I guess it is morning now.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Brandon said...

First of all, when I checked last night, I was greeted rudely with a picture and a caption that said I was a communist. I spent the rest of the evening reading over Political Science books to make sure I wasn't, even though I do think communists are very flamboyant characters - Why you ask? Well, one of them buried himself in a windowed coffin, one built an elborate canal system just because he had the money to do so and the lives to spare, and the other has a huge beard and smokes Cuban cigars. But in any case, Jared, don't call me a communist for looking at your blog, it hurt my feelings. Second, I love the Beatles' song I am a Walrus - "yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye." Hey Jared, here's a random fact for you since you enlighten us everyday, In that music video, Paul, John, and George can be seen dressed as a Walrus at some point - why not Ringo, I wonder???


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