Thursday, March 03, 2005

Administrators Just Don't Understand

Trying to stop the New U butterfly before takes more of my money for a nonsense plan.Posted by Hello

Rick pointed out an interesting article that was posted on the Cyber Indee today, an interview of Carol Anderson talking about the recent No vote in the New U referendum.

The article can be found here on the Cyber Indee Referendum called mostly uninformed

Don't administrators get it?! NO, we don't want to pay an extra $1000 for a program that doesn't make sense and for programs that the majority of the students don't want. The students have strongly voiced their opposition but the administrators aren't listening. They say we don't understand the program, what's there to understand besides the bottom line here? When students try to learn and understand the New U or listen to a presentation their concerns or questions over the $1000 are ignored or not addressed at all. I think its time to start letting them know that no means no and we don't want to pay this.

WSU STUDENTS: Email the New U committee directly and let them know that we don't want to pay $1000 and that changes to the plan are needed: newu@winona.edu

They can't neglect our concerns any longer without consequences. More on this later.


At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome picture Jared!
You tell those administrators to listen to use, aye cowboy?


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